Here is a collection of testimonials and reviews from among our current and past residents and families.

Thank You

The family wishes to extend a special Thank You to all of the employees of Valley Oaks Care Center for their compassionate and loving care of Howard and his family.

-Written by the family of one of our residents

Thank You Note

A Resident’s Letter

We are a family here! If I cannot be home – Valley Oaks is the next best thing. Staff really cares for you and what happens to you. There is always someone here to lean on.


Valley Oaks Care Center provides a “home,” not with many restrictions and that “hospital” feel. With being younger and here short term for therapy – I want my freedom to choose my therapy times, bed times and when I want to eat. Valley Oaks goes above and beyond.

I would recommend Valley Oaks to all my family and friends.

I have lived in East Liverpool all of my life. Valley Oaks is a part of this community. When I had to move to a nursing home I went straight to Valley Oaks.

The care was wonderful, and my mother always felt like this was her home.

This is the place to be!

They take real good care of you. You get 5-star meals and there is always something to do. The staff is family and there is no other place that I would want to be other than home!

During my stay, I have grown to become close to the staff at Valley Oaks Care Center. The food was good and the facility is clean. I would be happy to recommend Valley Oaks Care Center to all my friends and family that is need of [sic] short term rehab. Therapy was outstanding and I loved participating. Activities were fun and very helpful. All of my therapy needs were met at Valley Oaks Care Center.

I love it here! Everyone is so nice here and they care about you. I am a veteran and want respect from those that take care of me-the staff here does that! The rooms are nice, food is good, and it’s a good place to be!

We want to thank the entire staff for all you did for Helen. I know you do the best you can! In her last month or so she spoke often of how nice the restaurant (dining room) was and how nice the staff was. She said the food was good and it was very clean–specially the shiny floor. She liked the clean floors. We were fortunate to come in to contact with many wonderful patients and their families.

Our Dad/Husband, Don T., came to Valley Oaks in April, 2013. He had been diagnosed with terminal bone cancer. We were pretty much in shock and really did not know what to expect for the next 3-6 months.

From the day he entered Valley Oaks, the care and attention he received was excellent. Between my mother and five siblings, we visited often and dealt with many Valley Oaks staff including the nurses, aides, janitorial staff, maintenance department, activities, administration, and office and receptions staff.

What a wonderful group of caring, dedicated, and patient people! Our dad was made to feel comfortable, safe, clean, and well cared for. That was so very important to us. We all got to know the staff, learn about their lives, and to develop a relationships [sic] with them over the five months dad was there. We were blessed to have come in contact with so many special people. We are Thankful that we made the choice to bring our dad to Valley Oaks.

We are moving dad home to see if he and mom can be at home together. If not, we will have to move them to a facility that has both independent and full nursing care.

We will miss the special people at Valley Oaks that provided such wonderful care for dad. You will always hold a special place in our hearts.

Thank you more than we can say.

Thank you for the lovely flower arrangement. Your kindness is greatly appreciated.

I think very highly of the Therapy Department, they have helped me in so many ways and I am doing things that I never thought I could do. I also love the Activity Department, they keep us so busy with crafts, outings, fundraisers, and so much more. There is always something to do. The staff total [sic] is very helpful and kind.

Thank you for the great care you have given my father. I am looking forward to bringing him home to live with me.

To the Valley Oaks Care Center Activity Department, I want to thank you for inviting me to visit your nice facility on a regular basis since 2006. Valley Oaks is a favorite spot to sing. Angel, Janice, and all of the staff members and residents are always nice and accommodating.

To all the Valley Oaks folk, your kind expression of sympathy and friendship will always remain in our memories. Thanks for everything you have done for my husband.

I thought my mother was never going to make it, let alone make it back home. When she came to Valley Oaks Care Center she was weak, confused, and as sick as I have ever seen her. After her first few weeks at Valley Oaks Care Center for rehabilitation, she made a 100 percent turnaround for the better. I am very pleased with how well my mother did during her short term rehab stay at Valley Oaks Care Center.

We have no complaints and she got excellent care and excellent physical therapy at Valley Oaks Care Center. I am so happy she’s recovered to come back home with me.

This place is clean and beautiful and everyone tries to take care of the residents the best they can. Everyone did a great job. You all are polite, kind, and patient as “heck” here. Nothing but positive attitudes too!

During a time like this we realize how much our friends and relatives really mean to us. Your expression of sympathy will always be remembered. Thank you for the attentive care you gave our mom.

Thank you so much for putting us smokers up front, we were miserable in the court yard and all the cold air coming into the facility made us cold. You all are so efficient, thoughtful, and kind.

Thanks from us all.

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